Saturday, August 3, 2013

Motorola X: The Android Phone for Everyone Else

"OMG! I hate this Honda Accord with all the options that runs so smoothly and is so easy to use! I'd rather have that car I put together myself with a Ferrari engine, because the engine is so much better than the Accord engine. But I need this gas pedal this other guy designed because his is much better than the one I have. And this other guy put together a much better braking system, let me put that in too. Ok, now my car is better than that POS Honda Accord that... Hey, where'd it go?" - Every idiot who thinks what's inside a phone is more important than the phone actually working.

Have you ever noticed the way an iPhone responds instantly to what you do. No, of course not, because the iPhone was designed with that in mind. It was designed to do what you want when you want it to. You don't notice it because it's what you expect to happen. I have not used a single non-iOS device that responds as quickly & smoothly to user input. How 'bout battery life? How many phones not named iPhone have that kind of battery life at that size? None, that's how many. Until now.

Motorola X is that nicely appointed Honda Accord. HTC One, Samsung GS4, etc, may have that engine under the hood, but the experience is nothing like the smooth responsiveness of iOS, which, 6 year on, is still the gold standard of user experience. Moto X gives you that by engineering the hardware & the software as one (sound familiar?), resulting in a user experience where you're not waiting for things to happen, they're happening.

And that price tag? Well, that price tag created 2,000 jobs in Ft Worth, Texas. I personally have friends from that area that will directly & indirectly benefit from the boost to the local economy. Those are 2,000 less American jobs shipped overseas for corporate gain without benefit to the US. That price tag makes it so, for the first time, you can make your phone to order, with personalized color options never before seen in the industry. If you think that's minor, take a look at the billions of different protective case options on any street in the US from people just walking by. People will pay $60 dollars for a case the reflects their taste, you think there may be a market for making your phone itself do that? That price tag makes it so you don't sit there looking like an idiot waiting for your camera app to open, so you don't miss that one shot you'll never have another chance to take.

In short, there is a VERY small, VERY vocal minority out there who don't actually use their phones for what it was meant, and to them the Moto X is a disappointment. They will let you know, loudly, and often. Do not take their criticisms as advice. Ask one simple question: "Can this phone do this thing that I need it to do, do it well, and do it in a way that brings me joy?" If the answer is yes, than that is the phone for you.

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